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I work only with black & grey tattoos - I do not tattoo lettering.


When tattooing, especially sleeves and large tattoo projects I do not pre-draw designs on paper. I work using photos, artwork and imagination to create the design straight onto skin!


I’ve been working this way for a long time and the results of working this way can be seen in my photo gallery.


Please complete my contact form with as much information about your project as you can, this will make my work easier and give me a good understanding of your requirements. It will also ensure you’ll get a fast and proper reply.

You can also email me, be sure to include your tattoo placement requirements, size and as much detail as you possibly can.


After I have received your communication and I’m happy to take your project on, I’ll book you in for a free, no obligation consultation.


We can then meet and have a chat about your ideas. All consultations are by appointment only, so they don’t interfere with my working hours and I will be prepared for your ideas and needs.


This allows us to spend the time we need to discuss your future tattoo. Usually 10 to 20 minutes is enough for me to explain all.


If you’re not local, we can do the consultation via email so you don’t have to travel for a chat, however if you do prefer to visit in person I’m always happy to put aside that time to make sure you get exactly what you want.


At the end of the consultation, if everyone is happy, I will book you an appointment for your tattoo. At this point I will take a deposit to hold your appointment day and time.


Once your appointment is booked, I will give you all the relevant information you need to know before getting tattooed (advice how to prepare yourself, aftercare, etc.).

Getting tattooed is a personal experience so I ask all my customers to come on their own to both the consultation and appointment.


My shop is small and cosy, which only allows room for myself and my customer so please respect my wishes and come by yourself.


Tattooing needs a lot of focus and working this way ensures you get my best service. Thank you for your understanding!


My aim at Jammestattoo Studio is to make your experience as memorable and comfortable as possible, whether this is your first tattoo or your twentieth.


I understand a tattoo is forever and want to make sure the quality artwork you receive as well as the great memory of your experience stays with you for a lifetime.

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